Unicorn Club

As of April 7, 2017, the venue once known as Electric Circus has taken on new life as the Unicorn Club. With shimmering cocktails and all things that glitter, the venue may very well be one-of-a-kind in the United States… the owners say the closest thing they could find to this concept was a cafe in Thailand!

After entering through the adjacent smokefree Enso Bar, you will step into a majestic world with bubble-gum pink and cotton-candy blue walls, paintings of cupcakes, candy and, of course, everyone’s favorite mystical creature. Best of all you can enjoy your favorite cocktail completely smokefree thanks to the dedication of owner Angie Green who knew smoke would hinder the wondrous atmosphere of her club.

With LED tiles on the dance floor and DJs every Friday and Saturday night, this venue is certain to be your favorite weekend hang-out spot. The fun doesn’t stop there as it offers many other great possibilities such as birthday parties, bachelorette bashes, and even baby showers. Finally, if their magical atmosphere wasn’t enough, every other weekend a ‘unicorn’ and carriage will be waiting outside to take you on a ride! Check out their Facebook or Twitter for more info and to see what’s going on.