The Wreck Room

FTN_WRECKROOM_IMAGE_SHARE_001Everyone loves to dance, and now Oklahoma City’s youth has a venue to get their groove on: The Wreck Room. Located on 39th Street, this club allows everyone ages 16 and older a safe, supervised, and smokefree place to hang out. The Wreck Room is open Friday and Saturday nights from 9PM-3AM. Due to city ordinance those under 18 must head home by 12:45.

Owners Craig and George made The Wreck Room officially smokefree in the summer of 2015 after their receiving praise from costumers for Apothecary 39, their other newly smokefree bar. The club is also free of alcohol, but provides soda, juice, water, red bull, candy, chips, and other snack bar items. Fun events like black light parties make The Wreck Room an exciting, different place for youth to spend their weekends.

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