Sturk Music

FTN_FB-Share_Quotes-5Sturk was born in Chickasha Oklahoma and relocated to Lawton Oklahoma as a child where he stayed till the 9th grade. He moved back to Chickasha during the final week of the 9th grade. He began writing music with his now deceased best friend at 11 years of age. In Chickasha, he began recording music and in 2006 he released his first full release called The Crown Me Mixtape. He followed that up with The Lost Tapes: Crown Me Part 2 in 2010. In 2013, Sturk released his debut album Oklahoma’s Boy.

Sturk is a pioneer of the rap scene in Chickasha Oklahoma being the first artist who had regular rotation at a Chickasha establishment in 2006. Sturk made history in 2012 when he became the first Chickasha rap artist to make the front page of a local newspaper. He has a heavy presence virally with a website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter as well as other sites that carry his music.

Sturk is currently unsigned and releases music through his own I Am Somebody Music label. He considers what he does a Lifestyle, an “I Am Somebody” Lifestyle. The I Am Somebody Lifestyle is for anyone who tries to better them self through continuous self- improvement. “Self improvement involves changing your entire life, including the places I choose to perform in. As a rapper, it’s pretty tough to avoid, but I prefer performing in smoke free bars and clubs versus spots where smoking is allowed,” said Sturk. Sturk’s goals are to continue to grow through word of mouth and continue to make great music for his fan base to enjoy.