Sipango Lounge


With a rich history dating back to 1936, Sipango was originally known as ‘The 42nd Street Beer Club.’ The name was changed to ‘Sip an’ Go’ around World War II, and became known as ‘Sipango’ when a painter mistakenly forgot the apostrophe on the entrance. Now, Sipango is known as a laid-back hot spot with a jukebox, darts, ping-pong table, boxing game, and pool tables- not to mention the free popcorn and $2 domestic happy hours Monday through Friday from 4 to 7. The Sip also hosts OU, OSU, and UFC watch parties, providing Pay-Per-View games and drink specials.

In September 2015, Free The Night helped Sipango run a survey asking their customers if they would come more or less often with a smokefree change. Overwhelmed by the responses, owner Mike Hyde said, “My customers really demand we go smokefree. People have asked for it, they support it… I am just giving what the majority of my customers want.” November 13, 2015 was the first day in 80 years that someone didn’t smoke a cigarette inside the building, and The Sip is now proud to be smokefree. In December, Mike was asked how The Sip was doing. He said: “Since my bar went smokefree, business is up about 30% on the weekends. My only regret is that I didn’t go smokefree earlier.”

To support Sipango’s decision, make sure to like them on Facebook and importantly, stop in, have a drink, and see what’s going on!