Self Indulgence

Self Indulgence started in August of 2016 after Brian Wattenbarger (guitar player) and Paul Driver (singer) had spent a few years together playing music in a full 6 piece band that played in the Tulsa Music scene. While working together within this band they couldn’t help but notice that their taste for popular music selections were right on point with each other. After moving on from the 6 piece band experience, Brian and Paul got together for a jam session where they discovered a method of playing along with electronic backing tracks, keeping time true to the music. So here they are today, as Self Indulgence, playing 70’s, 80’s and 90’s music, classic rock, pop rock, and MTV classics.

Self Indulgence absolutely supports a smokefree work environment: “We have survived our years in smoky clubs and consider ourselves lucky to not have any health problems related to that environment. And we can’t and won’t take it anymore!”

For more information/booking information, see Self Indulgence’s Facebook page.