Royal Jelly

FTN_1200x900_SM_Royal_JellyComprised of musicians with over 20 years professional playing experience, The Royal Jelly is a band that enjoys playing everything from jam and funk to reggae and blues. Their self titled album was released in February, 2016 and features the song ‘Stretchy Pants’ which can be downloaded on their website.

Singing in a smoke filled room is tough no matter who you are. The group says “Our entire band, even our smokers, prefer to be in clean air when they perform.” Members Erik Fernandez (bass), Kyle Garrett (drums), Mike Downs (percussion), Cayle Newton (guitar), Matt Knudson (keys/vocals), Jason Headen (vocals), Ashley Stokes (vocals), and Jason Cooley (sax/flute/trumpet/trombone) promise there is no band around quite like theirs, but you have to hear it to believe it.

For more information, booking, and show schedule, check out their Facebook or Twitter.