Randy Brumley

Randy Brumley- FinalRandy Brumley was exposed to music at an early age by parents who played in a thriving Country and Western music scene in the 60’s and 70’s in Tulsa and an older brother whose talents inspired him to write music. Every weekend there would be stage shows at gas stations or Reeves TV, weekly radio shows, “The Country Music Show” on every morning and The “Wing Ding” every Saturday. He states that Country music was a good spark in his ‘little musical mind’ and when the Beatles came along they ignited a fire.

Randy has been performing since the age of six and has spent countless hours singing and playing guitar, writing songs, doing the ‘local rock ‘n roll band thing’, making records, playing all over. He worked in a music store for eleven years, but is now done with the business side of selling instruments. He states: “I am committed one billion percent to harnessing the endless stream of melodies and song ideas in my head and offering them to the world. After all these years, finally I know what I am: a singer/songwriter. I am in love with music. I am in love with life. My songs say so.” And because Randy loves life, he loves smokefree venues: “I prefer smokefree venues because breathing is important!” Follow Randy on Facebook to find his gigs and check out his website.