Rachel Lynch

Originally from El Reno, Oklahoma, Rachel Lynch began singing at the age of 5 and hasn’t stopped since! Rachel is now a full time musician who plays the guitar and performs original songs. Rachel plays a wide range of original songs, including songs filled with silliness and heartfelt ballads. She has a folksy feel, and she says her songs are “full of sweetness and profanity.” No matter the song, Rachel always sings with a passion that the crowd can feel.

Rachel is passionate about singing, and knows that smoke can interfere with her passion. She says: “When your full-time job is making music and singing, it’s important that your voice stays as healthy as possible. That’s hard to do when you play smoking bars. Usually the stage is higher than the crowd, and since cigarette smoke is lighter than air, it all rises up to the performer. That can make it tough to continue your job. I really like playing in non-smoking venues, because then it isn’t a worry at all, or something you need to work around.”

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