Maggie McClure

Maggie McClure-FinalMaggie McClure has been playing shows for over 12 years and has performed in many venues across the country. She has always been bothered by smoky venues. Maggie says: “Smoke literally makes me sick (throat, chest, nose, etc. issues) the night of the show and days after singing/being in a smoky atmosphere. The smoke also makes my hair and clothes smell horrible! After living and performing in California for the past 3 years and there not being any venues that allow smoking, I am now even more bothered by performing/being in venues that allow smoking. I prefer to not perform in smoky venues anymore.”

Maggie earned her Bachelor of Music (with elective studies in Business) at Oklahoma City University and also taught as an adjunct professor at The Academy of Contemporary Music at the University of Central Oklahoma in 2009-2010. She has performed in over 1,000 shows throughout the US and has had dozens of her original songs featured in film/television.

You can listen to Maggie’s music on her YouTube or website, and follow her on Twitter and Instagram to keep updated!