Like a true craftsman, Tulsa Native Krewx melds together all ends of the genre spectrum with the deepest bass and energetic layers of melodies designed to guide on on a musical journey. With Original Release Night After Night (7/7/2014), This Feeling (5/25/15), Future Womp EP (7/20/15) on internationally known label Robot Dance Records (USA), in just two years Cody Tucker has masterminded a musical project that is quickly gaining worldwide attention.

With a concrete background in House, and deep stomach-turning-heart-stopping bass, Krewx makes it nearly impossible to be labeled with any one specific genre but is most commonly known for Club DJing. Formerly known as a lead/rhythm guitarist and songwriter for nationally known metal-core band The First Fight, Krewx has been either writing music, collaborating in recording studios, or performing live for audiences – even winning a Battle of the Bands age 12! Early influences include familiar electronic artists such as Familjen, Daft Punk, and Ratatat, he naturally gravitated to the underground rave scene which later quickly matured into the flourishing music career of Krewx, steam rolling into Electric Circus, a 3 year running residency in Tulsa,Ok. Krewx is on top of his game, building a loyal following, gaining international attention at a rapid rate with hopes to be in your city soon.

Krewx is a support of Free The Night, beliving that no performer should have to suffer for their job. “Over 480,000 people a year die from first and second hand smoke which is mind blowing” Krewx says. “Performing takes a lot out of me and I need to keep myself in good health with a high stamina which is why I prefer smokefree venues.” Make sure to check out Krewx’s Facebook and Twitter to see where you can catch him.