Kite Flying Robot

FTN_1200x900_SM_Kite_Flying_RobotKite Flying Robot began in 2005 in San Francisco as a one-man live electronic/rock mashup featuring Nikolas Thompson. Having played guitar in rock bands for years, Thompson experimented with a sound combining the aggression of Rock music with the endless soundscapes of Electronic music and the fun and danceability of Pop. Kite Flying Robot has largely been a mobile music project of songwriter/singer Thompson, with residencies in Oklahoma City and Seoul, South Korea, collaborating with other unique and talented musicians befriended along the way. The music often feels genre-bending, with beats between dance and hip-hop, trumpets and violins dancing around synthesizer landscapes, electric guitar like The Edge sitting in on the 1970 Ziggy Stardust sessions, and a unique feel found somewhere between moody ballads and hopeful pop anthems.

After Kite Flying Robot has toured the US, the UK, has performed in Japan and South Korea, and has scored short films as well as commercials, member Nikolas knows better than most how important smokefree environments are to a person’s health. “We prefer playing smokefree venues. Cigarette smoke negatively affects our vocals, as well as my heart condition. Smokefree all the way.”

Kite Flying Robot was an official SXSW selection in 2011, won the Oklahoma Gazette’s Best Electronic Band Act 2011, won Tulsa Weekly’s Best Dance Rock Band 2012, and made the final 6 performers (out of hundreds) on Korea-based American Idol-style series “Top Talent” in 2013. Learn more about this eccentric group on their Facebook, Twitter, or website, or contact them for booking or press at