Jenkins Valley

FTN_1200x900_SM_Jenkins_ValleyThe members of Jenkins Valley have roots in various genres: folk, rap, rock, singer-songwriter, country, blues, contemporary Christian, praise and worship, and maybe even a little bluegrass. All six artists (Billy Elkins, Madison Elkins, Reagan Elkins, Jonathan Black, Wyatt Clem, and Chase Jenkins) play multiple instruments and write music. The band consists of two sets of siblings, and one of those brothers is married to another member’s sister. All six members grew up and met in Chickasha, OK, a small town just southwest of Oklahoma City.

Jenkins Valley members know that in order to keep their unique sound, they have to protect their health: “Smoke is hard on the singer’s voices and gives other band members headaches and other secondhand smoke symptoms. We prefer to play smokefree venues so that all of our fans can attend.”

Jenkins Valley has gained popularity recently as their single “You Have My Heart” peaked at number six on the iTunes Blues chart. While Jenkins Valley has its own definite distinct sound, one could hear it alongside the likes of Kings of Leon, The Killers, and The Black Keys. And call the genre what you want, but when you hear the eclectic backgrounds all mixed in, the sibling harmonies, and the general chemistry of a group of small-town friends, you’ll call it “great music”! Check out their Facebook or Twitter to keep up with their latest shows.