Gregg Standridge

FreeTheNight_1200x900_3 (1)Gregg Standridge has become a music legend in Oklahoma. Based out of Norman, this singer and songwriter has a Master’s Degree in Classical Guitar Performance, which gives his writing a slightly different twist.

With influences in folk rock, traditional country, bluegrass, and jazz, Gregg knows the importance of smokefree venues: “Although singers can ‘gut out’ a performance in a bar where smoking is allowed, they can’t give you the best performance. When I have chosen to play in these situations (very rarely), the next day is pretty rough on my lungs and throat.”

A performer since the age of 14, Gregg currently performs solo and duo shows in the OKC area with the Sunday Flyers and also offers private lessons in guitar, mandolin, and bass from his private studio at the Norman Music Institute in Norman, OK.

With over 30 years of performing experience, Gregg did have to take a break to battle cancer. “Being a throat cancer survivor, I am lucky to have my voice at all. Even as I write this out, I have to question my own common sense in even going to a smoking bar. I think I am going on record now, and saying I am done with them!”

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