Dust Bowl Refugees

Dust Bowl RefugeesThe Dust Bowl Refugees found their name from Oklahoma native Woody Guthrie’s song. Members Shaun O’Brian on the mandolin and lead vocals, Kevin O’Brian on lead guitar and vocals, Juli Hall on bass and vocals, Aaron McGoldrick on drums and Chuck Smith on guitar are sure to bring a laid back feel to whatever they are playing. While you can often catch the Dust Bowl Refugees playing folk or Americana, they will throw in classic rock and even a couple of alternative rock songs here or there!

The group feels strongly about the rights of musicians to work without being exposed to toxins. “Dust Bowl Refugees is named after a Woody Guthrie song. Woody was a man who believed in standing up for what was right, and DBR believes that everyone should have the right to enjoy music in a smoke free atmosphere. Performing for two to three hours is tough enough without having to breathe secondhand smoke. Many people won’t go to a venue where there is smoking. Let the people who choose to smoke do so, but don’t subject those of us who wish to be healthy to their smoke!”

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