Difuser is a Tulsa based original rock band made up of members Erv Felker and Eric Showman on guitar, Mike Armstrong on bass, & Jason Dobbs on the drums.

Difuser is one of Tulsa, Oklahoma’s driving rock bands. Their style varies from hard driving rock tunes to Surf, Punk, & Alternative Rock. The escapades of Difuser have produced memorable Tulsa shows to include the televised snowy “Beatles Let It Be” …tribute atop Sound Warehouse in January 2000, the Hole afterparty Nirvana Tribute 1999, Elvis Tribute on CBS, The Sex Pistols Anniversary Special at The Cain’s Ballroom, and nomination as Best Rock Act at the First Annual Spotnik Awards.

From Hula skirts to straw hats, Difuser’s left-of-center delivery evokes ideas of hot rods and tiki torches, martini bars and big stogies. When you’re on board with Difuser, ‘Life’s a Party’! With a career spanning the last two decades, the band strives to deliver great rock & roll to all audiences and knows that to continue they need to be in the best shape possible. Difuser says “We all value our health, so we don’t play venues that allow smoking!”

Contact Erv for booking and check out their Facebook page to see where you can catch them live.