Desi And Cody

Desi and Cody Clinton are Oklahoma’s favorite wife-and-husband musical team. It’s a case of girl hears boy playing on the radio, sees his band live, they become friends, start dating, move in together and get married. The two never even considered joining forces musically until Cody heard Desi singing in the shower, and, marveling at her voice, asked her to sing back-up harmonies on his solo EP.

The pair simultaneously released two EPs on a lark, one featuring Cody (Dog Days Comin’), and the other Desi (In the Dead of Summer), to rapturous blog reviews. And while Cody writes most of the melodies and lyrics, he insists many of his ideas come from his better half. “A great deal of the words originally came out of her mouth,” he explains. “I just put them back in.”

After performing for a few years, the duo had to briefly slow down due to Desi’s reoccurring illnesses. They soon realized her poor health was due to performing in smoking venues, and have since stopped performing in venues that do not promote clean air. Check out Desi and Cody’s website and Facebook to learn more about this amazing pair.