Cover 2

Cover 2 is the brain trust of Clint Clausing and Brad McLelland. Their continuing mission is to explore new and interesting ways to cover great tunes with just two guitars, a cajon, and tight harmony. Having recently added a third member, Matt, the trio is looking forward to performing in new spaces at venues or private party anywhere in this great state.

Cover 2 knows the importance of a smokefree venue for musicians. Clint says “We much prefer playing bars and clubs that are smokefree. The places are cleaner and there’s no awful smell on you when you get home. It’s easier to sing, so better for us vocalists; and the audience is more comfortable. Just an all around better experience when it’s smokefree.”

Head over to Cover 2’s website and have a listen. They have fully mastered demos, live performances, and works in progress for you to enjoy. You can e-mail them for booking information and check out their Facebook to see where they are playing next.