Camille Harp

Camille Harp was raised in a musical family. Destined to play herself, starting at the age of 4. At 13, she was learning guitar, and by 15 she was composing her first original songs. Harp prides herself on her ability and love for writing. Harp’s style crosses musical borders from folk to rock to country-based pop. Though her genre is hard to define, it’s easy to get enveloped by her sincere lyrics and graceful melodies.

Camille is a big advocate of smokefree venues. “I prefer to play in smoke free bars because I come home to my baby after gigs and I have to strip and have a shower before I can even go near him if I’d been in a smokey venue.” Camille has personal reasons for disliking smoke, but she knows the majority of Oklahomans prefer a smokefree venue, as well. “I have listeners and fans who will not come to a performance if there is smoking and in turn, this affects my turnout and crowd. Last but not least, smoking affects my health and vocals. I’d prefer not to breathe smoke when I already chose NOT to smoke. In a smoking venue, I don’t have a choice. Let’s go smoke free, Oklahoma!”

You can read more about Camille Harp and her shows on her Facebook.