493_370376046419590_2071736738935952712_nBlueWave says “As a band and musically, the decision to not smoke is easy. We put our vocals on highest priority. To jeopardize our range, immediately, and our health in the long run… smoking is something we can’t afford. As well, we all have immediate and extended families and would like to be with and keep them coming to join us.”

Bluewave is about fellowship and camaraderie- Coming together and staying together for going on 5 years. Dean and Randy met by fate in a South Tulsa garage when Dean was trying out for another band about 7 years ago. They discovered they had a best friend in common friend at different parts of their life and a friendship started. Victor York on bass and vocals came along soon Victor’s son, Taylor, was brought in on drums and Chuck Baker on guitar. Chuck and Dean played for years in Harvey and the Wallbangers-another strong connection. Today Adam York of York music family status is on drums. BlueWave does like original music but play 70s, 80s, 90s and some current music as they adapt to the calling of the crowd.

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