Drive is a 5 piece high energy versatile mulit-genre band that is proudly represented by Box Talent Agency. Drive covers a wide range of music spanning the decades including Dance, Pop, Rock, Hip-Ho/Rap, as well as Country & Red Dirt. They are ideal for wedding receptions, private or any type event you may be having because their ability to accurately cover multiple styles of music makes them a perfect fit for any event or venue.

Drive is an Oklahoma City Based cover band, but will travel anywhere in the contiguous U.S. Just call Box Talent at 405-858-2263 or email or to schedule a performance. Drive loves performing and knows that smokefree venues are essential to a fun night out. “We’re excited that so many venues are making the switch to non-smoking!” The band says. “We have a great time wherever we’re performing, but it’s much more enjoyable for all of us when our sinuses aren’t plugged up while we’re singing and our throats aren’t sore the next day from second hand smoke. What’s also nice is our equipment doesn’t smell like smoke when we get home!”

Check our Drive’s website to learn more, or hear some of their music here. You can also follow them on Facebook or Twitter to see what’s going on.