Free The night is a statewide campaign in Oklahoma dedicated
to supporting Smokefree bars and clubs.

We believe all employees and customers have the right to a healthy environment, and that we should have the freedom to enjoy our night out without dealing with toxic smoke. We engage in community outreach and provide direct support to Oklahoma’s bars and clubs that want to go smokefree. We are not trying to change the law and we are not anti-smoker. We’re focused on encouraging bar and club owners to voluntarily change their policies, and are dedicated to working with venues that are smokefree or interested in becoming smokefree.

Why free the night?

The science is clear: There is no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke. Among Oklahomans overall, smoking rates are decreasing while awareness of secondhand smoke is increasing. More than 7 out of 10 Oklahomans do not smoke – making smokefree bars better for business and better for health. For more information on secondhand smoke or smokefree bars and clubs, visit Why Smokefree?


Support free the night

The best way to support Free The Night is to support smokefree bars and clubs! Next time you’re planning to go out, use our
mobile-friendly smokefree bar or club finder to find a smokefree bar or club near you.

Find a smokefree bar or patio

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Interested in getting more involved?

Volunteers are always welcome! Email us at for more information on volunteer opportunities.

Currently smokefree or thinking about going smokefree?

If your bar or club is smokefree, or if you are thinking about going smokefree, we would love to partner with you! We offer a number of promotional opportunities to smokefree bars and clubs. Please contact us at for more information. We are happy to discuss how we might be of service to your venue.

Let’s work together to increase the number of smokefree venues in Oklahoma. It’s time to Free The Night!