Mixed Company

Mixed Company
TULSA, OK 74103

The art of handcrafting cocktails, or mixology, if you prefer that term, has been a hot trend in the industry for several years. But as much as we love making (and drinking) new and classic cocktails, we’re also passionate about wine. And beer. And whiskey. We can’t see doing without any of them, frankly, or asking our customers to. After all, we have a downtown kind of crowd: a diverse bunch of people who enjoy lots of different things.

So, we decided to mix it up for you. To offer variety and quality in an atmosphere that everyone from business people to concert-goers to our fellow bartenders will find welcoming and relaxing.

What kind of bar is MixCo? Well, we could say it’s a mixology/wine/beer bar in an updated classic setting that could be termed deco-meets-dust bowl, but that’s a bit of a mouthful.